Jul 30, 2008

Addicted to facebook!

I nearly forgot how to make a new post.. Oh god! the old memory is going.

I have been on facebook for a while now. First I hated it and took myself off but now im back and cant stop using it. Still dont know why.... One thing I like is seeing what my friends are up to. Im a sticky nose!HE he.

Another thing I have been doing is cahtting to people. Strangers from other countries. This freaked me out at first then it got pretty fun I never thought I would enjoy chatting (typing!)to strangers. Its nice to chat to people you may never have the chance of seeing. Would have to travel alot for that.

Now i understand how these teenagers get addicted to chatting to people all day. But I must say I do get over it if i've been on for a while.

Anyway I have been neglecting my blog so I thought I would make a post so it doesnt get deleted. Im still interested in new techno stuff. Now I am looking at sites that offer tutorials on computer stuff like programming so i can understand computers better. It starts to make more sense when i read more about this stuff.

First must get over my addiction to Facebook! Damn!

PS Must admit I have forgotten a lot of what I learnt on Learning 2.0. It would just take a little playing to remember, but why would I do that when I have FACEBOOK! lol

Mar 26, 2008

Thing's Im learning!

Yes I am learning. I have heard about a thing called Snagit. It can cut and paste items from the internet the old version is free. I havent used it yet but I learnt this from my co-worker at my new job. I bet you didnt know about this ANDREW! and you too CHRISTIAN! HEE HEE. I love teasing you guys. Well I do miss working in public libraries. Now I am in a hospital library and it is very different. I do miss interacting with the public and I really miss my old co-workers. Well they're not that old (yes they are).

One thing I cant do at my new job is talk with people for too long because I suppose they are busy with research and trying to find cures and all. THis makes me a little lonely because I am used to harrassing the public with chatter. I think my needs are more important than a little cure. Call me selfish but I like a little chat here and there. Another thing is I am actually feeling a little intimidated when a doctor comes along asking for something. All I have in my head is "I cant believe a doctor is asking me something, Like I can help them!"... "You mean I am talking to the head of emergency surgery" God I hope he doesnt realise how dumb I am"..etc etc..

Then there is always the thought in my head of Im feeling a little sore here can you do something about this. How do you think that would go?...

Also I dont think I'll be snagging me a doctor since they're all younger than me. DAMN. When did professionals start getting so young. You know when your getting old when doctors are getting younger and younger. Must get me an extreme makeover.

Enough rambling from me for now. Have to go lie down. Im actually sick today with tonsilitis, so yes I've started a new job and already I have had to take sickies, how embarassing. Hmmm when a doctor is sick do they give themselves medical certificates, just a thought. need more drugs.

Mar 15, 2008

New Job

So my last day at work was yesterday and I went to dinner with some work mates. I did nor cry but I was sad to be leaving a great bunch of people. I have made some great friends that I will miss seeing but I have a great job that will see me doing more and best of all it is full time so more MONEY.

This new position is not in a public library so I will miss our regulars and working in the community. I said goodbye to a few regulars and they were sweet enough to wish me well and to say they would miss me. I wil still use these libraries as a patron this means I can annoy everyone, one idea that I got from a patron(he is a joker) is to go in 5 minutes before closing and ask some weird questions, such as I'm looking for a red book, its this big and Oh yeah I need to make some photocopies adn I need to use the computer....hee hee. I wonder how long my former co-workers will miss me!

Well I will miss everyone anyway but I look forward to starting my new position.

PS Thank you guys for the wonderful present. It will come in very handy!

Feb 24, 2008

Your Minis

ive tried to use your minis to add it to my desk top but I cant figure out how to do it yet. I think this is great because I would like to have access to technology news on my desktop. Now all I need is to figure this out. I am a very determined person so I'll keep trying. Now I'll go try out Splashup apparently this is similar to Photoshop but FREE. Thanks to webgurl i didnt know this existed. Stay tuned if you care!

PS I used splashup and its great. i am playing around at the moment so I dont know exactly how to use it very well but its fun. ill be telling my neice about this as shes wanted something like this for a while. She wants to play around with all the pictures she has of herself and her friends on my space. She'll be having a lot of fun with this.